Soccer News:

Indoor Soccer Winter 2004/2005  Soccer Pictures
All three girls are playing indoor soccer this winter.  

Samantha's team has been having a tough time.  This is the first time most of the girls have played indoor, and many of them didn't know each other, so they're not a team yet.  But they're improving.  We're hoping for a better record this second session.

Eleanor's team finished second last session and moved up to play U-14 this session, since both the first and third place team were not returning.  This is going to be a real challenge for them, although they won the first game of the session last night, but it was a tough game.  The unfortunate thing about moving up was that Eleanor's team will play against Jacquelyn's team this session.  Look for updates on how that goes after February 2nd.  Eleanor's been asked to help out on Jacquelyn's team twice this half of the session already and while she's looking forward to it, she said it feels weird, because she's helping Jacquelyn's team beat her team in the standings.

Jacquelyn is really enjoying playing indoor.  She likes the kids on her team and her coach and she's having a very good season.  I almost think she wishes she would have started sooner.  Her team came in second last session and we're hoping they'll do at least as well this session.

Basketball News:



Basketball Pictures
All three girls are also playing basketball this winter.

Samantha is turning out to be a surprisingly good basketball player.  She's the high scorer for her team and she's scored more points than either sister.  She's been wearing her contacts to play so she doesn't get hurt in her glasses.  Her team is doing well although since this is instructional only they don't keep score on the scoreboard, although we do have a playbook.  They havn't won every game, but they're doing better than expected.

Eleanor's team is well on it's way to becoming  section champions this year.  They haven't lost any games and only 2 1/2 games have been somewhat of a challenge.  Eleanor's a starting guard and she's the queen of the steals having accumulated twice as many as any other person on the team.  She's having a great season.  They're a formidable team this year.

Jacquelyn's team has only lost one game and also has a shot at the section championship.  They've had to work harder at it than the JV's.  I think Jacquelyn's only playing because this is her last year and all her friends are, she doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much as she did in prior years.  She's had a great couple of games though.  Playing in her contacts seems to really have improved her game.